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Sunday, 3 August 2014

August in the garden - flowers

August is the time for montbretia flopping over the path,

 for hollyhocks reaching up past the hanging basket

 This year I've a variety of new pinks and carnations - mostly rescue plants from the clearance section at the garden centre. They're looking well so far but I was disappointed to find out that the smaller ones aren't very hardy. I'll need to take some of them inside the greenhouse for winter.

 This massive blue flower is a platycodon or balloon flower - one of thoe no-effort required plants that I love.

I grew new antirrhinums this year, most of which have turned out a pale lemon with just one red so far.
 The old straggly white rose has had a second flush of flowers.

 Sweet peas are flowering regularly at last. Only two shades on them this year - deep red and lilac. They're grown from last year's seed and it rather seems like only one pod of seeds germinated.

 Dry weather has helped the rudbeckias along - one of the few annual flowers I grow,mainly for their bright high-impact colours.

A lot of veg seems early this year - and so do Michaelmas Daisies! Here's the first of them.

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