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Sunday, 4 May 2014

May in the garden - flowers

 At the moment,the garden is divided into two colours - white around the lawn where the whitebells dominate the flower beds  and the blue of forget me nots taking over the vegetable patch - but almost every inch has flower of some sort...

Very pleased to see these two new anemones in flower.
potted rhododendron

Cherry tree in flower
bluebells under the trees
last of the huge red Appeldoorn tulips
kerria japonica

the first couple of aquilegias in flower - soon the garden will be full of them

welsh poppy

...and at the back of the garden my 'secret' bench seems almost taken over by honesty and clematis

 and very near to flowering ; lilac, peony, lily of the valley and laburnum

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  1. You have a beautiful garden, full of flowers,not seen flowers for a while.