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Monday, 5 May 2014

Garden in May - veg and fruit

The veg patch at home isn't as large as it used to be but there's still plenty growing there -

Chives, which seem to grow back no matter how much I chop them

Spinach - now getting a bit leggy and threatening to run to seed

Some surprise seedlings - home grown seed that I thought were more spinach but they look like beetroot.

The greenhouse is absolutely full with things waiting for warmer weather - tomatoes and, hiding in the corner, a cucumber.

 cabbages, cauliflowers and an odd lupin

 lettuce, peas, onions

leeks, squashes, aubergine and flower seedlings

the vine trying to take over everywhere

and, if you look carefully, flower buds forming

Lots of small salad leaves - american land cress, mustards and spinach here

more of the mustard mix and red oak-leaf lettuce


fruit-in-waiting - apple blossom

red currants

black currants
strawberries lining the path

flowering blueberry

and peas starting to climb their poles

these are Delikett, a sugar snap variety
and these the purple podded Blauwschokker

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