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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mini orchard

plum tree

 The allotment fruit trees are flowering really well this year. There's masses of blossom on the pear and plum trees, both cherries are in flower, one of the apples and the rest are in bud.

Unfortunately, the damsons aren't doing so well - only one is definitely alive and although that has leaves there's no sign of blossom.
apple with pear behind it

We're now moving towards giving this whole area over to fruit trees and creating a tiny orchard at the top of the plot


  1. I would love a small orchard but we have many fruit bats around here they would spoil them.

    1. Fruit bats?? Thankfully our greatest problem is pecking by birds - mainly pigeons. I've been advised that I may need to net the cherries if I want any fruit left!