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Saturday, 5 April 2014

April veg

 It's a busy time of year right now (though sometimes with gardening ALL times of year can feel busy!)

I've been getting the veg beds sorted out with leeks and spring onions set and winter salad leaves pricked out (look very carefully, they're in the area between the two seed packets)

The other side of the path has some ready-to-bolt winter cabbage, with chives on the left and garlic to the right.

Another area, around last year's rocket, has radish and more rocket set.

At the back of the garden, the rhubarb is doing well

and the fruit trees are showing early signs of flowers to come


red currants

and the peach tree already in flower

window sills are full of cucumbers, squashes, courgettes

 tomatoes, aubergines and peppers 

and there are trays and trays of early veg waiting to be moved into the allotment - these are tiny beetroot plants

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