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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Where's Winter?

Here and there in the garden are signs of Spring - the first snowdrops just peering through - but it been so mild that some plants don't seem to realise it's winter at all. Polyanthus, rosemary and winter jasmine have been in flower for a while but aren't unusual winter flowers.

 An earlier oriental poppy bud got frosted last week but another has come to replace it

Normally these outdoor fuchsias would lose their leaves - and some years all the shrubby bits above ground die back and only the roots survive.

I'd also expect this fern hiding under the tree house to die back completely.

And oregano (left) and lemon balm (right) are unheard of at this time of year.

These shrubs - another fuchsia, honeysuckle and buddleia - would all normally lose their leaves.

Hollyhocks flowering in January?

Nasturtiums in the wall-basket?

It seems like winter hasn't arrived yet


  1. Well you must be lucky everyone else from the northern hemi is under lots of snow.

    1. Too warm here - lots of floods and coastal areas have taken a real battering. Sometimes I'm glad I live as far from the sea as possible.