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Monday, 13 January 2014

Checking up on the allotment

There's a rather neglected feel to the allotments at the moment. We went down on a sunny day at the end of last week and found them empty!
It's quite muddy but out plots are fortunately at the higher end of the allotments so not as water-logged as some. 

The poly-greenhouse roof needed a bit of repair, in the form of sticky tape - all work supervised as always by Dylan the Dog.
The glass greenhouse on the left has had the glass removed after the storms before more got broken. We won't bother fixing it till Spring is here.

 I noticed a lot of other allotments had little growing on them but ours is still being kept busy and even in January I can pick dinner from it - these are the self-set spinach plants that have done so well trying to crowd out a small cabbage.

A rather straggly row of kale - I find it a bit dull to eat but it's a change from frozen runner beans.

The autumn broccoli which is cropping so well - I should have taken the photo BEFORE I picked the row clean!

there are several rows of brussels sprouts - some doing better than others. The main snag, oddly, is the mild weather which is causing the sprouts to burst while still quite small.

Last year's grown-from-seed rhubarb is already starting to shoot. I'm hoping there'll be quite a lot to pick this year.

 A double row of leeks given to us by an allotment neighbour - they're a little short and stumpy but standing well.

A short row of swedes- though we haven't eaten all the turnips grown in summer, so may not need these.

Tightly packed brassicas - brussels, on the left, and savoy cabbages.

 Two rows of radishes - both sown during September, one row from packeted seed, the other home grown seed and throwing up all sizes and colours of radish.

 A short row of broad beans which had originally self-set by last year's plants. We moved them to a better location and now one of them is even in flower.


  1. Your garden is very productive, mine is half dead from the heat, I will now wait till Autumn to plant again.

    1. It's difficult here to imagine that much heat - our problem is more likely to be too much rain!