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Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Day 2014 - January in the garden

 New Year's Day was damp and miserable but the garden is looking oddly Spring-like.

Lots of polyanthus in flower

winter jasmine, of course

and rosemary

but I was surprised to find love in a mist, although a bit straggly

and a struggling oriental poppy. I'm hoping a bit of sunshine will see this flower soon before any hard frosts hit it.

 There are even signs of snowdrops and daffodils peeking through last year's dead sticks

 and the forsythia looks ready to burst into flower anytime soon

the outdoor cyclamen's didn't flower but they are definitely still alive so maybe next year ...

In the veg patch I have cabbages, both large and small

 but the idea of having decorative red and green kale among the flower-beds doesn't seem to have really worked.

 and some Spring onions to look forward to.

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