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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Picked this week - 20th October 2013

 A couple of nice surprises at the allotment this week - far more autumn raspberries than I expected. I thought the damp weather would have slowed them down but they seem to have continued growing and ripening despite it.

 and while starting to clear out the sweetcorn, I discovered some undeveloped cobs which will do nicely for stir fry

 And the 'usual suspects' - tomatoes

radishes and the first spring onions from the September sowing


 small peppers, crystal lemon cucumber and a courgette

 a whole heap of beans - runners, broad, french, borlotto  - and somewhere in there a few peapods

dirty crops - beetroot, turnips and purple radish

teeny cauliflower and very late spring cabbage

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