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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Cut and come again

 Normally 'cut and come again' is a technique I'd associate with salad leaves or herbs but a couple of my cabbage plants are trying to join in as well.
I often find cabbages hard to uproot, so when I wanted to crop these I just cut the cabbage off and left the stalk in the ground. They were both in areas that didn't need to be dug over, so they sat there, just looking stumpy for a couple of months - then they started to grow again.
I expected at best to get some loose leaves from them but left them just in case - and now there's a fine second crop of cabbages! They aren't as large as the original cabbage heads but they may still grow.
I think in future I'll do this with all cabbages, if the ground isn't wanted immediately for another crop. It's the laziest way of growing them, ever :)

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