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Wednesday, 2 October 2013


 Well, another month's started and the weather turned suddenly colder. We were out at the allotment yesterday, picking veg and tidying up among the soft fruit.

Although we're still cropping lots and lots of veg, a sense of panic starts to hit at this time of year, desperately hoping that things will grow before the weather turns too cold.

These pumpkins have quite a way to go

 and the aubergines have only just started to set fruit

The runner beans are still flowering well so with luck, they'll continue to crop for a while.

The purple podded beans are now turning, well, purple-ish
these broad beans were set back in Spring, have already cropped but are now having a second burst of life, so hopefully there'll be more beans to come.

This self-set spinach has been an unexpected success. The area has been planted with cabbages but the spinach just grew round them. Now, as the cabbages are lifted, the spinach can spread as it likes. I intend leaving some to run to seed again this year.

I'm delighted to be finding autumn raspberries fruiting. We haven't quite got to grips with how these should be treated - they should have been cut back at some point in Spring but we didn't do it. it doesn't seem to have stopped the fruit forming though.

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