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Monday, 11 June 2012

This week at the allotment

An exciting week as, along with the usual leaves and radishes, we have the first of this year's broad beans!! Not very large and nor very many but there are such a lot on the plants that I thought I'd start picking early.

Lots of other things too....

The spring cabbage is starting to  burst without having made real hearts - not very attractive looking but still edible.

I lifted the last of last year's beetroot as the leaves were getting rather tough. Most of it had no root at all and even these two were very small.

The cauliflowers also look like  bursting before making proper hearts - this tiny one is barely the size of my fist. Lots of kale to pick though. We've never grown this before so not sure how much we'll use.

An extra special bit of news is that we've been offered a mini-allotment to go with out current plot. It's surprising how quickly growing space gets used up and after feeling we had an unlimited area this time last year, we'd begun to feel in need of more! This now gives us more space for soft fruit - raspberries, gooseberries etc - though in the short term the extra ground will probably just go under salads and beans of one sort or another.

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