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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Busy busy

 Having a busy week in both allotment and garden.

I've lifted my 'accidental' crop of garlic - which is what you get if you don't lift all the roots! It's looking rather good though.


Started pulling the winter onions - I've left these a bit too late and they're starting to run to seed - and the last of the leeks which are almost heading the same way
Pulling more spring cabbage which unfortunately is so nice and tender that all the slugs are feasting off it - and I feel like I'm throwing away more than I dare eat. There were also a couple of very small, very ragged looking cauliflowers. I'd hoped they'd do better than this so bending over leaves and keeping fingers crossed for the rest of the row.

Setting MORE seeds. I thought we were starting to run out of space even with a whole allotment to use - expected French and borlotto beans to need to wait till broad beans or potatoes were lifted. But now we have a whole new bit of ground to play with so I've been sowing more sweetcorn, blue lake french beans, cabbage, brussels, cauliflower and red kale(some of this may stay at home as ornamental food). I've gone back to sowing in trays of seed compost as anything trying to grow out in the garden at the moment is being chewed up by slugs and snails.

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