welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Saturday, 2 June 2012


 Well, June hasn't started in a very warm way. Last week's heat has been replaced with drizzly dampness - good for the garden no doubt.

The flower borders are filled to overflowing right now - and the last couple of days of dampness seem to have intensified colours.

 There are new oriental poppies this year - though I'm a little disappointed as I was hoping for plum shades but have more orangey-red ones and strange pale peach.

the rhubarb is growing well......

...and I have a cold-frame full of lettuce

the snowball tree is looking marvellous this year 

and everywhere there are wonderful foxgloves .......

hanging over the path...

guarding the greenhouse....

 climbing through the vine...
and I even have a white one again after many years - as all of them are self-set, there's no way to know their colours before flowering time.


  1. Those poppies are magnificent. I'm always a bit wary of foxgloves. They are lovely but poisonous. I prefer delphiniums. Ours are almost ready to open.

    1. I've tried numerous times with delphiniums - but the slugs and snails always seem to get them! They also usually scupper my lupin-growing plans but this year's have survived.