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Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Week of Snow

Last weekend's snow is just starting to melt away

and snowdrops just peeping through again

leeks are poking their tops out again

it's just about possible to see the cauliflowers which were covered by fleece
though I'm not sure how well they've surivived

spring cabbage looks messy

but early purple sprouting broccoli is ok but bent over

Just need to check on the allotment now.....


  1. So much vegetable production! Our veg patch is empty and waiting but we do have things in the greenhouse being molly-coddled til it warms up.

    1. Having had only a small garden patch for years, we're in the habit of making it work all year round! There are brussels and parsnips down at the allotment but it wasn't thawed enough to pick any today.

  2. this puts new meaning to frozen veg!! Looks pretty though,