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Sunday, 26 February 2012

picked this week

We've had glorious spring weather this week - Thursday was particularly warm, up to 17 degrees in the afternoon. Snowdrops and crocus are opening. The first daffodils won't be far behind. Walking up to the wood, I've seen leaves on hawthorns, flowers on sloes and anemone leaves unfurling.
Down on the allotment, the pigeons are being a nuisance and eating the brassica tops again. Hopefully netting thrown over the top will keep them away.

After a couple of weeks of no homegrown veg, this week's seems like a huge haul..

.. and I've also managed to put together a couple of platefuls of salad leaves from garden and greenhouse - rocket, beetroot leaves, chinese cabbage etc


  1. wow, I'm closing my eyes ( to block out the snow scene in front of me) and trying to imagine having fresh home grown garden produce in Feb,, amazing, I'm moving , thats it!
    You live in a lovely spot you do.

  2. It's hard to believe that just over a fortnight ago we still had snow and ice! Everything is springing up and coming to life so quickly - unfortunately that includes the weeds!

  3. Yet again I'm impressed. Our plot is still bare but Mr A has sown the tomatoes, celariac and basil today in our greenhouse. Looking forward to the spring.

  4. I'd hoped to have cauliflowers as well. They were looking good till the last cold snap when all the curds on the allotment plants were frosted. I still have some in the garden and I think I'll grow them here again next year as it's obviously in a warmer spot.
    Hubby is very excited over his seed potatoes which are chitting in the spare room. We've never had space for them before so something new after 30 years of gardening!