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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February flowers

The weather's turned very cold in the last few days - even some light snowy drizzle for a few minutes yesterday. Down at the allotment the broad beans are looking cold and droopy, and one of the cauliflowers has caught the frost. We've put fleece over the caulis and small cabbages, and both fleece AND plastic cloche over the beans. Hoping everything will survive threatened temperatures of -4.

Meanwhile, at home in the garden, it looks more like Spring.

quite a few snowdrops are showing colour

bergenia is trying to flower

and some wallflowers...

there's even daffodils in bud - hoping they'll be ok with the cold snap

and the calendulas are still flowering - though now in the comparatively warmer atmosphere of the greenhouse.


  1. is the allotment far from from the house garden, such promise of spring,

    1. It's about 2 miles so not easy to just nip and pick lunch! This is why I still want to grow salad crops at home.