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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


chopped open one of our homegrown pumpkins yesterday. It's skin hadn't hardened properly and it was starting to go soft - even so, I was unprepared to find seeds sprouting INSIDE!!

it's like something from Alien

there were three of them but I only managed to lift out one without breaking it - this is now in a small plant pot and hopefully will grow to make next year's pumpkins.


  1. I have never heard of a such a thing,,, imagine,, Was there a crack in the pumpkin?That was quite a find,, I hope it grows into a mammoth pumpkin this summer!

  2. No it wasn't cracked. It just hadn't ripened properly and the skin was still soft. I suppose this is how they would grow if left to themselves. I wonder though, if I hadn't cut it open, would the seedling have forced its way chicken-like through the pumpkin skin or would the pumpkin have had to rot away for the seedling to grow?