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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

things that have done well without us

a lot of things have continued to grow well while we were away. the runner beans are still fruiting wildly - though some have grown a bit too large and are going to be saved for seed. also,very unusually, will be saving some pea seed, from the aldermans, - these were hardly picked for the past fortnight and some have dried out on the plants - hopefully home-grown seed will give a better crop next year.

the rhubarb is still growing well

one of the halloween pumpkins is starting to ripen and change colour. the other is still green but the skin appears hard so have cut this.

the corn is growing tall and cobs are starting to develop

the chilli plants were moved outside for the holidays and despite the rain seem to be doing well

and the roses have grown a lot without us to keep them in check

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