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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

collecting seed

hoping to avoid buying so much seed next year, particularly for flowers, so I've been going round today to see how many plants have properly set seed. a long spell of warm,dry weather has allowed the seed to ripen and dry out well on the plants. the nasturtiums have grown wildly this summer, flowered profusely and set a lot of seed - some is so ripe it's fallen from the plant but I've picked this up as well. grew calendulas and tagetes for the first time in a long while and both of these have set seed. these 3 seed-types I've brought inside to dry, then later I'll store in envelopes or used film canisters. plants such as nigella (love-in-a-mist), aquilegia and foxgloves generally just grow wherever the seed spreads to. as I've cut back the old dried stems of these flowers I've shaken any seed still in the pods in areas where I would like them to grow next year.
also started taking the seed beans from the runner bean row. they are starting to turn yellow and although not totally dried out I'm bringing them in while the weather is warm and dry rather than risking them getting wet.

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