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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Reap as you sow....

I've saved flower seeds of one sort or another in the past and had reasonable success in growing them the following year. I've even managed to grow lettuce, peas, beans etc from home collected seed with no problems. So when the beetroot and spinach down at the allotment ran to seed, I collected some of that. Unfortunately the two types of seed look very similar and I forgot to label it. So when I set a row of spinach, something else grew!


  1. Never had any success with seeds, the birds always seem to eat it or something , very rarely do I get anything up.

    1. Sticks or netting might keep birds off - but doesn't help if it's insects or mice eating the seed. I've found the red leaved veg - beetroot, chard, red lettuce - isn't eaten as much as the green. No idea why.