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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Growing Ginger

 As last year's attempt at rowing ginger from supermarket roots failed, I was almost tempted to buy a 'proper' rhizome from a gardening store this year - then I saw the price!  I could have bought a kilo of supermarket ginger for the same price! So back to the greengrocery aisles I went for some rootstock.

Usually I only plant the sections of root that show signs of shoots, but this year (realising how cheap supermarket ginger is) I just cut the piece up into inch long lengths and set it all.

To get everything of to the best start, I put the pot in its own plastic propagator ie a bag which once contained bananas.

I was a little worried as it seemed a long while before any shoots appeared - maybe 3 weeks or more - and one is still more advanced than the other.

Now they're through and growing well, I've removed the bag. For now the windowsill is sunny and warm enough, and hopefully by Autumn there'll be some roots to crop.


  1. I have grown a fair size plant this way but never harvested any ginger.

  2. My most successful year,the root tried to burst out of the plant pot! Certainly got back a lot more than I planted that year.