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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Tidying the allotment

As you can see from the photos, the weather is wonderful at the moment. some frost or fog in the mornings but glorious sunshine later.
Time to tidy up ready for Spring planting....

First job was to get the shed upright again. With just us two, it was proving too difficult but with a few helping hands from other allotmenteers it went back up easily.

Second - plant a new apple tree. We saw this being offered on Freegle because it gives too many apples that don't keep well. Supposedly 3 years old and now chopped back to about 7' in height, I'm not sure how well it will take but it was free to a good home so I'll just keep my finger crossed for it.

Third - digging and weeding. Well, I started the weeding by lifting self-set foxgloves and aquilegias and also found this really small rose. Some of the foxgloves I've planted around the edge of the plot, by the fence, as I hope they'll encourage bees but I brought this bucketful home as well as some aquilegias and the rose. all now settled in their new home.

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