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Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring Equinox

 Yesterday was the Spring equinox, so now we've officially left Winter behind. In typical weather fashion, the day started dull, cloudy and windy, and turned wet so I mostly admired the garden from inside and took photos today now the sun's returned

 Spring has sprung this last week with lots of later flowers appearing

hyacinths that started life a long while ago as indoor potted plants


 the first dog violet

grape hyacinths in a wall basket

 and even blossom on the peach tree

The polyanthus are flowering away still, trying to take over the front garden with an older variety

 and newer sorts, mainly garden centre 'rescues', in all colours in the back garden

There are daffodils in flower everywhere

 hanging over the paths

by the rhubarb patch

and in among the raspberry canes
 forsythia is brightening up the back garden and kerria japonica the front with yellow flowers

and there are patches of red from lettuce seedlings, 

newly 'rescued' bellis double daisies

 a bird-set flowering currant

 and a very unseasonal kaffir lily

and the rockery is smothered in a riot of colour.

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  1. This is very odd. I haven't seen any forget-me-not flowers yet. I must go on a hunt!