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Monday, 23 September 2013

Picked this week - 22nd September 2013

It's been a slower 'picking' week this week as temperatures dropped and rain fell.
We've also discovered a lot of damaged crops - these turnips looked great till I started to clean them up.

Insects presumably aren't so fond of beetroot though as they seem to have given up eating their way through this one.

There's still been lots of nice things though - more apples and pears, our first bunch of grapes and a cautious pulling of rhubarb from the new plants as well as more blackberries and autumn raspberries

There are still lots of strange radishes
peas and broad beans from plants that cropped earlier but are now re-shooting

and runner beans, although not so many this week

lots and lots of green and just ripening tomatoes
a couple of 'exotics' and at last there are aubergines setting
good 'old-fashioned' veg
and a bumper harvest of sweetcorn which is heading for the freezer


  1. ...just super harvest`ry wow!...(O:

  2. wow, still bringing in so much, how will you freeze your corn? Do you just freeze it in the husk or do you slice from the cob and blanch?

    1. I usually freeze it by taking the husk off, chopping into 2 or 3 chunks depending on size of the cob, then blanching and freezing. All I have to do is find freezer space for it......