welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Monday, 16 September 2013

Picked this week - 16th September 2013

Last week was 'lift the onions week' so I have them hanging about all over the place.....and sitting around in sacks. I'm beginning to wonder where we'll store everything

Leeks though are for now only being lifted as we want them.

Tomatoes are still ripening but I like to pick them as soon as the colour changes and let them finish in the kitchen. Those above and right are from the allotment, those below, and the ratty looking cucumber, are from the greenhouse in the garden.

the first of the sweetcorn! Not sure if this is ripe...

lots of fruit - blackberries, apples, pears and rhubarb

all sorts of beans - french, broad and runners
and all sorts of radishes - the purple ones are thinnings of Hilds Blauer Herbst und Winter, which can grow much larger!

more beetroot, but still something we're only lifting as we want it.