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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Picked this week 30th June 2013

 Lots of the same old salad leaves again this week - though something a little different is this self-set spinach (left) found on the allotment

 and some enormous radishes, the size of golf balls, to go with them!

more of the 'clearing out' onions

but some extra goodies this week - kale and the first of this year's broad beans

the first cucumbers - an unusual crystal lemon and a 'normal' telepathy type.

 some tiny carrots, part of an experiment to grow an early crop in the greenhouse - it didn't really work.

The first of the soft fruit - strawberries!! Not a lot but enough to add to breakfast cereal.

and a few redcurrants

and vine leaves - not normally a crop but as I was pruning the vine, I thought I'd collect the leaves and cook them stuffed with mince. It didn't actually work out as I forgot to check the recipe in advance and then discovered they would take far too long to cook.

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  1. ...thee doth harvested the most delicious looking goodies! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(O: