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Friday, 7 June 2013

June in the garden - fruit and veg

This is how my ornamental vegetable beds are shaping up so far - cabbages surrounded by white radishes (and flowers) with rhubarb flopping over at the back

blocks of little gem lettuce and running-to-seed bordeaux spinach with rows of cabbage seedlings in between (not really visible)

some shorter mangetout peas - I think they're 'reuzensuicker' but it was the end of a packet and the slugs ate the label! And a small row of 'forgotten exactly what' winter onions/shallots.
 The currants are starting to set and little apples are forming on the trees. Meanwhile the strawberries are flowering..

..and lining the path to the greenhouse

where inside the grape vine is in bud! We acquired several young vines with our allotment and this is the first one to have signs of flowers - and hopefully grapes.

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