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Saturday, 27 April 2013

More rescuing...

A quick trip to the garden centre for compost ended up with more plant rescuing!

Firstly some half price anemone corms. I've had bad luck with these in the past, which is why I wouldn't buy them at full price. They've grown for one season, not flowered well but then not appeared at all the next year. The planting guide says set April to May so it isn't late to be putting them in the garden - I just hoping it's actually warm enough!

Secondly something I spotted on offer a week or so ago and left because it requires special ericaceous compost. £1.99 isn't a lot to pay for a blueberry bush but an extra £6 -7 for the compost stopped it being cheap. This week we were intending buying the compost anyway to infill a hole where an older blueberry has been moved into the garden, so seeing these tiny thing on offer still, I brought it home. It was strangely packed not in a pot but in a clump of soil wrapped in some cling-film like wrapping. First thing was to soak it in water to loosen the roots and now it's been potted up and left in the greenhouse for a few days to give it a good start.


  1. blueberry bushes , that would be wonderful! We have them growing wild everywhere here, they are so good for us and delicious!

    1. Not many people here grow them - the soil always seems tricky. I love them though.