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Friday, 19 April 2013

Home grown seed

Over summer and autumn, I went round all sorts of plants collecting seed. I've regularly done this for flowers such as sweet peas and nasturtiums, and for beans and peas, but I'm now trying to save money by collecting other veg seed as well. I was a bit doubtful about how well this would work but it has!

These are kale seedlings and those below are early purple sprouting broccoli. I'm really pleased with the success rate from them. I set too many expecting some to fail but I don't think I needed to worry.

I have more harvested seed to try - radish and perpetual spinach among them - so I'm hoping those grow as well as these have.

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  1. saving seeds is a great pass time and hobby, we in the past saved seeds from extra juicey peppers or melons or tomatoes and had great luck with, I'm a seed saver too! I hope yours do great!