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Friday, 7 December 2012

Garden in December

 December has come in with clear nights and the first hard frosts.

 Colour is now mainly down to berries - till the birds eat them.


A few flowers are still there though - early polyanthus

winter jasmine in full bloom

 and the odd kaffir lily

The frosts have killed the rampant nasturtiums and it's now possible to see the small winter vegetables that were growing through them - cavolo nero kale with some late flowering bedraggled candytuft -

and a short row of leeks

The greenhouse is double and triple layered with fleece, bubble wrap and plastic sheeting but with the cold night time temperatures of this last week I don't think the pepper plants will survive even under all these layers.

Hardier things are ok though - winter lettuce in the propagator, winter hardy spring onions to be planted out into the greenhouse floor soon and brassicas to maybe go outside when the weather warms again.

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