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Saturday, 10 November 2012

November veg - mostly in the greenhouse

I'm still trying to extend the damp dismal summer by lining the greenhouse with plastic sheets, bubble wrap and proper garden fleece in the hope that some tomatoes and peppers may grow a little. They could be picked now but larger fruit would be nice.

Outside there are still strawberries trying to flower and fruit. I've, rather too late, decided to cover them with a propagator lid in an attempt to ripen the berries. 

On the other hand I have new veg growing to be planted out soon and hopefully crop in Spring

All Year Round cauliflowers and Flower of Spring cabbages

green kale

a winter hardy lettuce growing under propagator in the greenhouse so hopefully warm enough even on cold nights

a tray of Winter Hardy White Lisbon spring onions - these should have been set outside in late August/ September but I'm experimenting with starting them inside in a tray and maybe planting our out into one of the greenhouses rather than putting them outdoors

another experiment - marrowfat peas from home grown, but starting to spout, seed. These few peas wouldn't have kept over winter - either as seed or as dried peas to cook with - so I set them in this tub, at first outside then moving it to the greenhouse as the temperature dropped. they aren't a type of peas that I'd expect to overwinter but maybe if they're kept warm they'll be ok and we'll have really early peas.

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