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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Flowers in November

 I've cheated a little this month as, instead of taking photos on the first as I try to do, I took them on the 2nd - a far nicer, sun-filled day.

There still seem to be plenty of flowers around - mainly nasturtiums which are intent on over-running the garden.

more nasturtiums

 It's only to be expected but the lawn is disappearing under a blanket of leaves

 michaelmas daisies still flowering, though a little ragged now

welsh poppy
hardy geranium

most things are remnants of summer, flowering late-
light and dark fuchsia bushes


but the winter jasmine is flowering early. I hope there'll be some more for Spring.

We now have a series of cold nights forecast so I wonder how many of these flowers will still be there next weekend.

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