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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Picked This Week 21st October 2012

lots of different salad leaves - baby green and larger red oak leaf lettuce here but there's also american land cress and rocket to pick.

 I'm amazed that we're still picking raspberries and blackberries - even after a frost! Two bowls this week.

...and cucumbers - this is one of the largest crystal lemons that we've had this summer. Not sure whether the capsicum is a strange shaped pepper or chilli.
...and two more crystal lemons on Saturday - and a very small beefsteak tomato.

not so surprised at the brassicas - lots of kale to be pulled, a scruffy red cabbage and small green one and second shoots of broccoli

pulling leeks as needed and a tiny carrot!

 very few beans and a handful of peas. The few pea plants aren't doing too badly - unfortunately not many survived the downpours just after they were planted. Next year I'd like to have more.

decided it was time to clear some of the french beans that should dry out to keep over winter. Not too sure if they will.

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