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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Picked this Week 14th October 2012

Another busy week lifting crops before they're hit by cold weather.
Bad weather over summer means a lot of things didn't grow at all - these 3 carrots are the best of this year's crop! The beetroot are all small but where they've survived slug/snail attacks the leeks are starting to thicken up.

Beetroot after washing - most of the year's crop

I managed to get some tomatoes this week - not many of a reasonable size - and a couple of finger sized courgettes - these might have grown larger but the plant is outside and night time temperatures are set to plummet this weekend. 

I cleared the last of the sweetcorn - all of it baby sized but at least I've salvaged something. Runner and french beans are still cropping fairly well - certainly more than we're eating.

There are a few pea pods ready - I'm hoping the rest with survive any cold nights

and of course there's more kale

 Cucumbers are doing very well - two long green one and three small crystal lemons this week - as are lettuce in the cold frame. We've now replaced the netting with glass (old window frames) to keep it warmer.

 I cleared the small apple tree in the garden - and this was all the fruit. I don't think there's any to pick from the larger tree. There was lots of blossom but the fruit has been rotting on the tree.

Autumn raspberries are cropping really well though along with blackberries from the allotment edge.

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