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Monday, 30 July 2012

Picked this week - 29 July 2012

Runner beans!! The top two were the first of the season, earlier in the week, the large number below were picked later. Not a lot really, but it's a start and much earlier than expected.

Another small piece of excitement - a cherry tomato!
 I'm hoping there'll be more to join it soon.
Another first of the year - beetroot - with a very late savoy cabbage which should have been ready in winter!

I've been thinning the apples this week and the tiny removed ones  will be used for sauce.

I think I've now cleared the allotment gooseberry bushes of fruit - there was quite a lot but none of it very large.

Although we have enough rhubarb at home, I decided to pull a couple of sticks from one of the new crowns at the allotment. You aren't really supposed to do this - rather leave the crowns alone for the first year but the sticks look good and strong so I'm hoping it will be OK

More of the summer turnips, some bolting bits of lettuce, a couple of long green cucumbers and the hot white radishes.

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