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Monday, 23 July 2012

Picked this week 23 July 2012

Now lifting the early maincrop potatoes. These are possibly Charlotte salad potatoes - the labels got lost and so a bit of guesswork is involved. We're a bit worried about how wet the ground is but so far hardly any have rotted. The last couple of days have been sunny and a week of dry weather is forecast so everywhere should have the chance to dry out properly.

Picked the first of our gooseberries - mainly from a bush that was already planted on the allotment when we took over but a few are from a small 'stick' planted in Spring. I've picked almost all the red- and black-currants now and the raspberries and strawberries are slowing down too - still enough for breakfasts though.

There are still plenty of broad beans and peas, and more than enough kale!

One small cauliflower...
courgettes and crystal lemon cucumber

 ....and courgettes, cucumbers

an intentionally small cucumber, barely bigger than a courgette

and even a couple of tomatoes.


  1. wow, great harvest!!! You'll not starve thats for sure,

  2. Sounds like you should make tonno e fagioli for suppers al fresco. Just boil the beans until al dente, cool in the fridge, add tinned tuna, salt and olive oil. Heaven!

    1. Sounds like a warm weather variation on my version of tuna bake! http://maryomshomepage.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/fish-pie-with-added-beans.html
      Tonight I'm trying to dry some with soy sauce for 'not-quite-wasabi-beans'.