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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I grew some ginger from sprouting roots a couple of years ago and thought I'd have another try, especially as I now have more greenhouse space. I've seen packs of roots on sale in garden centres but I've picked mine up, as before, from the supermarket.
Look carefully and you can just see it starting to grow.
Potted a couple of pieces up in normal compost and put them out in the greenhouse where it should be warm and humid.


  1. I have heard that ginger has the most beautiful smelling flowers, do you knowif this is so?

  2. I don't know - mine never flowered, just grew like rushes or bamboo. Maybe if we have a hot steamy summer it will.....

  3. Good luck Mary. Would love to try ginger when I get a greenhouse.

    Do you think putting it into a pot would work?

  4. I've grown it fairly successfully indoors in pots - kitchen or bathroom work well for steamy heat - but as it's a root it needs wider pots than I used - one even got stretched as the root grew. It seems to grow near the surface, a bit like lilies or dahlias, so a wide but shallow pot might be called for. I grow it mainly for the novelty but indoors I doubled the amount I planted.