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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dodgy Veg

I've been very disappointed with this Spring's broccoli. Not because it didn't grow or was eaten off by pigeons but because what grew WASN'T broccoli!

The packet clearly shows a picture of green 'heading' broccoli........

but the plants are something completely different - nearer to field rape. One at the front of this photo looks like broccoli, most are strange yellow flowered things and two seem to be cabbages.
I don't know where the seed came from - it was part of a bundle of packets found in the polytunnel of our allotment when we took it over - but it's clearly some discount store. 4 packets of seed for 99p may seem like a bargain - but not if it doesn't do what it says on the pack!


  1. wow,, strange that,, what the heck kind of seeds did they sell,, one would think broccoli is broccoli,, mmmmm, very strange indeed,,must be lovely to grow your own broccoli,, we did try once but it was so wormy,, yikes,, I like meat but not in my broccoli,,(pardon my spelling),, its dark and I really don't care,,lol

  2. Well we ate the one that looked like broccoli, kept the 2 that may grow into cabbages and ripped the others out. It makes me very cautious about buying alleged cheap seed again. Still a large DIY chain is closing down and I bought some proper branded seeds there today with 40% off - a much better deal.
    Do you get fields of bright yellow flowering rape in Canada? It's grown here for oil from the seed. Very stunning when all in flower.