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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Now we have an allotment, it isn't necessary to have quite so much of our garden turned into a vegetable plot. I still intend growing quite a few things here at the house - primarily things that are wanted on a spur of the moment decision, lettuce and other salad leaves, radishes, or things that need a close eye kept on them and possibly picking every day, sugar snap peas and strawberries.
I'd also like the veg patch to be more ornamental and certainly tidier.
So, with these 2 things in mind, we've lifted all the strawberry plants from the allotment (where there is a problem with birds taking fruit) and planted them as path edging. The overall plan is to have square-ish plots with maybe wigwams of peas and some french beans with edgings of strawberries and/or salad leaves. For now I've set some radish and spring onions, and planted out the spinach which overwintered in the greenhouse - not sure if this will grow properly or not but it's better planted out of the tray.


  1. Hi Mary,

    I'm planning on doing something similar this year. Like you, I'm going to grow the salady crops in the garden, probably in containers, so we can just grab them when we need.

    Do you get much sun in your garden? Ours is quite shaded, so hopefully the radishes, salad leaves etc will do okay. I can then use the allotment for the sun hungry stuff.


  2. The veg patch at home is in almost full sun though shaded by an apple tree and a rose hedge which separates it from the lawned bit. In winter when more sun would be welcome, it's irritatingly blocked by some enormous leylandii several houses away.

  3. Oh Mary, I love reading your garden plans,, our garden was on the edge of the lake and I composted seaweed for supplementing the earth,, good times,, I also wigwamed my peas and cukes,,our starwberries were raided by chipmunks and blackbirds,, Canada geese and raccoons,,I tied tin plates and windchimes to scare them off but think they came too enjoy the sounds,,