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Monday, 21 March 2011

Getting ready

Hubby has been busy digging down on the new allotment and now we're sowing our (almost) first seeds there - we'd set radish and lettuce in the polytunnel which blew down and luckily they've both survived.
Anyway last week we had a sowing session - broad beans, peas, carrots, parsnips and radish - and also planted sprouting bits of the dinner potatoes. All of them have been covered up with plastic or fleece but now the weather is warming up rapidly and the covers can soon come off.
The fruit trees are showing lots of buds so hopefully there's a lot of fruit to come. We're still not sure which tree is which - there's a mix of apples, pears and a plum.
In the home garden, I'm trying to lay it out in a more formal, less cram it in everywhere, way.
Strawberries edging the paths for a start and maybe some small lavender plants.
For now, I've set radish and spring onions here and planted out the broad beans started in the greenhouse. I intend having wigwams of runner beans and sugar snap peas in soon.

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