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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sunny day's work

A sunny morning today so decided to do some pottering in the garden and greenhouse. Set some merveille des quatre saisons lettuce and a tray of rocket. Pricked out the onion and leek seedlings which started to numb my fingertips.
Then went outside and started to plant out the wallflower seedlings which should have gone in the flower bed in Autumn - still better late than never and the awful cold winter would probably not have been good for them - hopefully they'll catch up soon, but as I tend to treat them as perennials, it's ok if they don't flower this Spring. They should be a deep red to contrast with bright yellow daffodils. Didn't finish them as the ground was too wet and cold for my fingers at least, if not the plants.

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  1. I always wanted a greenhouse.The winters are so long here it would have to heated for sure,, I've turned old windows into coldframes,,, to get a jump on spring but I would love to potter about in a greenhouse.