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Sunday, 2 May 2010

picked this week

the glut of brassicas running to seed continues. we have a lot of loose cabbage leaves, popping brussels sprouts and their leaves to eat at the moment. I'm trying to avoid either throwing everything away or freezing it so trying to find interesting ways to use it all instead of living on a diet of plain boiled cabbage. have added it to minestrone soup, to pasta sauces and stir fry but best idea so far is using it as a replacement for spinach in curry.
also have; - early purple sprouting broccoli starting to come ready - slightly different to the brassicas but not very.
- leeks
- some over-wintered, very woody radishes. some just aren't edible at all.
- lots of salad leaves -various kinds of red and green lettuce, rocket, some spinach.
- oregano, lemon balm and mint shooting up.

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