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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

snowing again!!

we've had two days of thaw and some of the snow was starting to disappear- main roads were clear, road out front clearing but some snow still left on garden and on the fields towards Morley and Smalley- BUT last night turned really cold and all the slush turned to ice making the drive like a skating rink, then today we've had a constant drizzly snow - not heavy, but persistent and the roads and garden are covered again - except for the patio which appears to have under floor heating.
anyway, in between the snow I've been out and checked on the plants in the greenhouse - all seem to be doing well in their triple protective environment- and the stenhouse where things are drier and much colder -I decided to move the over-wintering cauliflowers into the greenhouse as the soil in the seed tray was completely frozen. there are still radishes in the cold frame though I don't know if they'll actually be fit to eat, certainly surprised that these aren't frozen off.
lettuce seedlings are through in their pots in the kitchen - the Winter Density grew a little faster than the red Salad Bowl.
the cold weather is bringing a lot of unusual birds into the garden. we've had long-tailed tits, redwings and a fieldfare in addition to the usual visitors. have put out extra feeders on the big apple tree in the veg patch.
I was tempted yesterday at the garden centre by displays of purple and yellow polyanthus - I'm glad I resisted, they wouldn't flower for long outside at the moment. will wait for those already in the garden to flower( some were in bud before the cold spell) and for snowdrops.

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