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Monday, 6 June 2016

Hiding the straight lines

I once read somewhere that there are no straight lines in nature - well, I like to try my best to keep them out of my garden too. 

It's a bit difficult as it's surrounded by fences rather than hedges - but pick some trees and some climbers, and soon the harsh lines of the fence will disappear, especially in summer.

Right now, the back fence, the old tree house and the bench are covered in clematis montana.

To the side are flowering trees - laburnum, snowball and lilac.

The patio is curved, vaguely circular, but even so I prefer to soften the edges with foliage - heuchera sanguinea in bud with the spiky leaves of montbretia that will flower later

The main path has to be straight - the compost bin is at the far end and a curved path wouldn't be easy to find on a dark winter evening. So through summer, forget-me-nots, welsh poppies, lavender and oregano spill over its harsh lines.

While this smaller path has almost disappeared under flowers!

Even the house walls are softened by flowers growing at the bottom - and of course spilling out of their narrow flower bed and over the paths.

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  1. True straight lines are hard in a garden.
    but I've got a few.