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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Buddleias and butterflies

I pruned the buddleia quite severely in spring, and it's flowered a little later than usual. The flower heads seem larger though - more of a proper size, rather than tiny clumps - and with the few sunny days we've had this last week the butterflies are gathering round it.


  1. You have lots of butterflies I haven't seen many this year.

  2. Hello Mary I am knitting the cheral cole hat,would you be kind enough to confirm if I knit 30 rows in rib and then change to 4mm needles and continue in stocking stitchEd 22 rows is confusing me,I am a beginner.Your help would be appreciated Thanks Sue

    1. I've got to admit you had me puzzled at first - but then I realised this was the hat pattern on Make It and Mend It! Having checked it there, the instructions don't make sense to me. Whether you knit 30 rows or 22 doesn't really matter as it just alters the depth of the turn-back 'cuff' (30 probably for a Cheryl-style hat) - just knit rib for the depth you want the cuff then swap to stocking stitch.