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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

March - waiting in the wings

 Despite the cold wind and threats of snow, buds are opening on trees and shrubs, and new shoots are appearing all over the garden.

I'm especially glad to see these - day-lilies picked up through Freegle last autumn. Some seem to be trying to push out of the ground completely, so I've added an extra layer of soil over their roots. I've never grown these before so I'm really looking forward to flowers on them this summer.
The blackcurrant seems almost ready to burst into leaf

and,after trying on and off all through winter, the forsythia at last looks near to flowering

More leaf buds - a flowering currant this time

and a clematis

a real sign of Spring - bluebell shoots.

Foxglove rosettes spreading everywhere again!

 The veg patch isn't quite so healthy looking. The cauliflowers which I hoped would crop about now are still looking frosted and nearly done-for, but there are salad leaves growing - spinach (left) and American land cress - I'm also found self-set lambs lettuce but picked most of it already.

Inside the windowledges are filled with seedlings - tomatoes here, and red onions, cayenne peppers and celeriac, with more set in the heat of the airing cupboard.

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  1. Good to see everything waking up.