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Monday, 3 November 2014

November in the garden

This is how half of my November garden  looks - covered in leaves and the main colour coming from berries, maybe with some early spring flowers peeping through - normal for this time of year.

But a lot of the garden doesn't seem to know that summer is over - the recent warm weather has totally confused things.

 Marigolds, sweet peas, rudbeckias, welsh poppies, kaffir lilies, fuchsias, antirrhinums.... these and more still flowering. I even have alpine strawberries ripening and buds on hollyhocks and oriental poppies.

This week the temperature is set to drop.... so it could be the end of summer.


  1. Make the most of summer while it lasts! What's the fruit that looks like a spiky strawberry?

    1. Probably the alpine strawberry - it's actually tiny, hardly the size of a cherry - so maybe the seeds are showing up more. Though further down the page there's a pic of a calendula bud looking rather fruit-like.

  2. Alpine Strawberry - that will be it. (It's often difficult to judge size by pictures, especially if one is unfamiliar with the plant.)