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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Picked this week - 4th October

The lovely sunny weather continued for another week - though by the time I'm writing this up, Autumn is really here with rain every day.

Lots of fruit to be picked again - in fact more raspberries this week than from any summer week!

The last couple of smallish pears

More dodgy-looking peas

Squashes cleared after Saturday's ground frost. The smaller ones have now been covered with fleece and netting in the hope that they'll still grow.

First leeks of the year

Tomatoes and chillies from the garden greenhouse

and lots of tomatoes again from the allotment greenhouses

Early in the week, I picked these two peppers, then on Sunday (worried by the frost) I cleared all the reasonably sized ones - and some cayenne peppers and jalapenos.

I also cleared cucumbers and courgettes - still surprised to have either cropping in October

Tiny cabbages

Some more seasonable crops - though sadly this is all of our carrots
but just the start of the parsnips
Both french and runner beans - though with colder nights I don't think they crop for much longer

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