welcome to my little suburban oasis, filled with flowers,fruit trees and vegetables

Saturday, 2 November 2013

November in the garden - flowers

 It's a bit difficult to realise it's already November' although the garden's looking a bit scruffy and windswept there are still plenty of flowers out there -

Lots of nasturtiums which will keep flowering till the first frost

as will the kaffir lilies

 the fuschia bushes are a little more delicate

the black hollyhock is still climbing up and up - now about at 9 or 10 feet

 some of the sweet williams and welsh poppies have put on a late burst of colour

but winter must be on the way - the jasmine is in flower already
 and the michaelmas daisies and sunflowers are definitely past their best


  1. such beautiful flowers, even at the end of the season, I missed this post so i have been visiting here this morning, I wish that allotments would become popular over here, I suppose its the because houses are not very crowded here and there is an abundance of open land, Canada in this area is sparsly populated compared to England.Having said this, I still believe many would benefit from allotments.There was an open garden area started in one part of town that was a total success, maybe that will be the start of something good.Your vegetables are still producing which is amazing to me, I can tell you truly love your garden and allotment garden, I'm envious, We kept property when we made the move into the small city we now live in but its not properly cleared, its mostly forest, 10 acres of forest, lol, if I was to plant a garden the rabbits and deer and anything else would eat it all far before me!We kept the land for our son to some day build on but he has his life in the far north now so that won't likely happen, maybe we will build a cottage there, who knows, I enjoy my visits with you, I truly do, I have been struggling to keep blogging, now my eyes don't allow me to paint the interest is gone, to be honest I only read about 10 blogs, my interest does not lay in decorating, cooking or style, even though so many people that read me do, mine was an art blog, I follow, frugal living blogs, minimalism blogs, two blogs from Japan, and one poetry blog, thinking of something to write is a hard job lately, I am a quite boring person!

    1. Laurie - it's lovely to know that someone reads and enjoys this. I don't think there'll be flowers for much longer as a cold snap is forecast - probably still warmer than Canada though! Hope all is well with you.